10th Mountain Division Reunion - 2013 at Ski Cooper, Colorado

Jeremiah Harris on right and Chuck Roberts on the left from the 10th Living History Group during the memorial ski run at Ski Cooper. The memorial ski run is held once a year at 12 noon on the day of the reunion.

Line-up of reenactors, Chuck Roberts, Jeremiah Harris and Allie.

Veterans, descendants and friends line up at end of ski run.

Left to right Jeremiah Harris, Jimmy Nasser (10th vet) and Chuck Roberts

Chuck Roberts gives lecture on 10th history to 3rd grade participants in the reunion.

Lydia Roberts talks to students about the history of women in the 10th.

Reading of the names of 10th vets killed in action in Italy. This reading is at the 10th memorial at Tennessee Pass

Ceremony at Tennessee pass.

Taps played by a young 3rd grader from Leadville, Colorado

After hours at the Golden Burro bar and grill. Top row from left to right Jeremiah Harris, Chuck Roberts, Lydia Roberts, and John Breeding. In front from left to right Allie and Tammy.

Dick Over making a point about the history of the 10th.

From left to right Chuck Roberts, Lydia Roberts and Dick Over (10th veteran).

10th Vets George Laudis (left) and Jimmy Nasser.

Jimmy Nasser talks to 3rd graders on the history of the 10th.

Left to right Chuck Roberts, Jeremiah Harris and Allie getting ready for the memorial ski run.

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