70th Tank Battalion London 1944

Photo 1

Westminister Abby

Photo 2

Wellington Barracks

Photo 3

Captain Taynton in front of Grosvenor House, Eisenhower's HQ

Photo 4

London Taxi at Ludgate Circus. The building in the background with the clock is Ludgate House. This is just down the road from St. Paul's Cathedral. The taxi is facing towards the River Thames.

Photo 5

Tower of London

Photo 6

Speaker's corner at north east corner of Hyde Park

Photo 7

Captain Taynton in the field in England

Photo 8

Speaker's Corner Hyde Park

Photo 9

Wellington Barracks

Photo 10

Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace

Photo 11

British military band in front of Buckingham Palace

Photo 12

Buckingham Palace

Photo 13

70th Officer in front of a fountain in the SE corner of Hyde Park?

Photo 14

Piccadilly Circus

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