Ft. A.P. Hill, Carolina County

Virginia (Carolina Maneuvers)

Sgt. Newman having lunch in field,

Ft. A.P. Hill (Taynton Photo)

Resting after all day maneuvers

Ft. A.P. Hill (Taynton Photo)

Sgt. John Dixon, Carolina Maneuvers 1941 (Taynton Photo)

In 1941, elements of the 70th traveled to Ft. A.P. Hill (named after Confederate General Ambrose Powell Hill), a newly developed military installation in Carolina County, Virginia. The 70th participated in practice maneuvers with II Corps and General Patton’s Task Force A in anticipation of the landings in North Africa.


Shown to the left is an early  Bantam Model BRC 40 Jeep with an officer in the front passenger seat and Sgt John Dixon, the driver.


Ft. A.P. Hill, 1941 (Taynton Photo)


Shown below is a 1935 Combat Car T5 used in the training by the 70th before and after the start of WWII. Tanks were called combat cars prior to the war. The T5 had 2 turrets, one for a .30 cal machine gun and one for a .50 cal machine gun. The T5 evolved into the M3 light tank and eventually the M5 light tank,  which was used by the 70th throughout the war. (Meyers Photo)