German Equipment in Normandy photographed by Cpt. Taynton and Sgt. Erickson of the 70th Tank Bn. , June 1944

Map 1
The above map shows the movement of the 70th tank Bn. From Utah Beach (exit 2) through St. Mere Eglise to Cherbourg. The map
below shows the route taken by the 70th from Cherbourg to St. Lo and the breakout. This is a guide to possibly where the following photos were taken.

Map 2

Photo 1

Photo 2
Photo of Capt. Taynton in front of SdKfz7 prime mover, June 1944.

Photo 3
Photo of Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf J taken by Capt. Taynton in early July, 1944.
According to historian Sean Claxton the vehicle is probably from the 2nd SS Panzer Division “Das Reich”.
The 5th and 7th companies of “Das Reich:” operated in the vicinity of Auxais, southwest of Carentan.

Photo 4
PzKpfw V Ausfuhrung A “Panther” belonging to the 2nd SS Pz Division “Das Reich”.
Photo taken by Captain Taynton after July 16, 1944 near Sainteny. This vehicle knocked out by (the) 22nd Inf.Reg. (4ID) on July 16(Sean Claxton)

Photo 5
Photo of Capt. Taynton on SdKfz9 prime mover , Normandy 1944

Photo 6
PzKpfw V Ausfuhrung A “Panther” in a collection yard, Normandy June 1944

Photo 7
PzKpfw V Ausfuhrung A “Panther” in a collection yard, Normandy June 1944

Photo 8
PzKpfw V Ausfuhrung A “Panther” in a collection yard, Normandy June 1944 !--

Photo 9 French Char de Dataille B1 France 1944 (Dixon Photo)

Photo 10
Photo 10 was taken by Sgt. Erickson and depicts a knocked out Sherman M4 at the
right with knocked out German Marder 3, Ausf M (Niels Hankemans) in the distance, probably on N13 just north of
Ste-Mère-Église. This appears to be the aftermath of a duel between the two armored vehicles, resulting in a draw.

Photo 11
On D-Day+1, Company B and C of the 70th Tank Battalion supported the 8th Infantry Division in a drive
along Highway N13 toward Ste-Mère-Église to relieve the 82nd Airborne Division in the town. Sgt. Ralph Erickson
was a member of headquarters company, 70th Tank Battalion and took several photos on approximately D-Day+1
of wrecked armor on Highway N13. Photo 11, taken by Ralph Erickson, is a view of a German Sturmgeschutz III
knocked out on Highway N13 just north of Ste-Mère-Église.

Photo 12
Captain Taynton took this photo of a PzKpfw V Ausfuhrung A “Panther” along side road , Normandy, 1944

Photo 13
Photo of Sturmgeschutz IV taken by Capt. Taynton after June 15, 1944. This vehicle is
located in on of the collection yards belonging to 17th SS Pz Grenadier division “Goetz von Berlichingen” .
This unit was the only German unit in Normandy equipped with Stug IV’s. (Sean Claxton)

Photo 14
PzKpfw III Ausf. G, Normandy, June 1944

Photo 15
Capt. Taynton in front of a StuG. III (Niels Hankemans), Normandy June 1944

Photo 16
88mm gun, Normandy June 1944

Photo 17
88mm Gun, Normandy, 1944

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