M7 Allis Chalmers Snow Tractor Restoration

Figure 1 M7 Arrives from out west and is a basket case.

Figure 2 Front view of vehicle in preparation to remove unauthentic parts.

Figure 3 Rear view showing unauthentic and deteriorated parts removed.

Figure 4 M7 Sheet metal and frame parts cleaned and lightly primed with new tires added.

Figure 5 Surprisingly the jeep engine worked well after an oil change, tune up, fuel pump change and carburetor adjustment.

Figure 6 Transmission first gear had failed and new gears were added. The final drive unit was in good condition.

Figure 7 Some road wheels were badly damaged and had to be made from scratch.

Figure 8 Steering wheel and instruments were replaced and the dash painted.

Figure 9 Roller frame cracks were welded and road wheels replaced where needed.

Figure 10 Track was cleaned and some grousers replaced.

Figure 11 Sides required new sheet metal.

Figure 12 Skis were made from laminated mahogany.

Figure 13 Eleven inch louvers in side grill had to be made from scratch.

Figure 14 Side grill completed.

Figure 15 M7 Vehicle ready for test run.

Figure 16 Test run in snow with skis attached.

Figure 17 View of top and side curtains.

Figure 18 View of front radiator cover.

Technical Data

Length 10 ft. 11 in. Width 5 ft. 3 in. Height 5 ft. 4 in. Weight 2610 lb. Max. Speed 41 mph.

Video of M7 Snow Tractor in winter

Copyright 1995 Charles C. Roberts, Jr