Troops stand inspection at Rockford, Illinois, September, 1999

German units in the sights of the 70th Tank Bn, Rockford, Illinois, September, 1999

M3 Motor Carriage prepares for reenactment battle, Rockford, Illinois, September, 1999

70th Tank Bn. sets up for flank attack, Rockford, Illinois, September, 1999

Reenactors attend Sunday service at museum chapel, Rockford, Illinois, September 1999

Captain Bob attends first dance of the season, Yorkville, Illinois, September 1999

Artillery display at Rochelle Airport, August 1999

WWII aircraft display at Rochelle Airport, August 1999

Armored Car M8 and M3 Halftrack featured in display at Rochelle Airport, August 1999

Armored Car M8

Weapons carrier and Buick staff car at Rochelle Airport, August 1999

Rochelle, Illinois 4th of July Display

Troops take a break at RochelleTactical Battle, June 12, 1999

Allies move up during Rochelle Tactical Battle, June 12, 1999

WWII uniform display at Orland Park Military Ball, Orland Park, Illinois

70th Tank Bn. and 2nd Panzer display at Balmoral Park, Crete, Illinois

Memorial Day display at Yorkville, Illinois

Staff car, 37 MM gun and WC51 Weapons Carrier at Yorkville, Illinois, Memorial Day display

M3 Gun Carriage and M8 Armored Car attack enemy positions with support of 9th Infantry Division (Lowell, Indiana)

70th Tank Bn. artillery display (Lowell, Indiana)

Second Panzer armor in battle formation (Lowell, Indiana)

M22 command tank leads M5A1 Stuart, M8 Greyhound and M3 Gun Carriage (Lowell, Indiana)

The 82nd provides infantry support (Lowell, Indiana)

L3 checks out enemy positions

70th Tank Bn. stands for inspection in front of vehicles

The lonely trip back to base after a weekend of reenacting (Lowell, Indiana)

Reenactors arrive in SNJ for hangar dance (Aurora, Illinois)

M8 armored car on display next to Barbie III (Aurora, Illinois)

Reenactors ready for dance (Aurora, Illinois)

Staff car on display with Wildcat (Aurora, Illinois)