Ford Truck 1.5 Ton 4 x 4 Model GTBA "Burma Jeep"

Shown above is a 1942 Ford GTB "Burma Jeep" painted in Navy gray which was designated GTBA cargo but was the same as the Army GTB but painted gray. Approximately 2218 units were delivered to the Navy. This design was originally intended for the Russian Army but refused. Consequently the U.S. Army reluctantly accepted the vehicle but the design was well received by the Navy since the Army had priority on trucks which were in short supply.

Technical Data

Weight: 6900 lb
Length: 180.67 inches
Width: 86 inches
Height: 100.3 inches
Max speed: 45 MPH
Capacity: 8100 lbs
Engine: Ford 226 CID, 6 cylinder, 90 HP at 1200 rpm