Singer Roadster

Singer Roadster 4AD

The Singer Roadster was first manufactured in March of 1939. It was call the Singer 9, relating to the 9 taxable horse power of the vehicle which was actually 36 BHP. Through World War II it was not unusual for British officers to own sports cars and use them for official business. Douglas Bader, the famed RAF pilot, used a sport car similar to the Singer to travel about. The photo above is a Singer Roadster 4AD which was similar in appearance to the 1939 Singer 9.

Specifications for the Singer 4AD Roadster

Weight 2548 lbs.

Wheel base 8 ft. 11.5 in.

Length 14 ft.9 in.

Width 5 ft. 3 in.

Height 5 ft. 4 in.

Engine: 4 cylinder 91.36 cu. in. 48 HP

Transmission: 4 speed synchromesh

Top Speed: 71 mph

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